I am a PhD student in Theoretical Physics, working in the group of Gemma De les Coves at the University of Innsbruck. Since 2022 I am a DOC fellow of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

My research interest is an intersection of physics, mathematics, and computer science. I work on problems related to Computational Complexity Theory applied to physical problems, Categorical Probability Theory, and tensor network decompositions with positivity constraints. 

Curriculum Vitae

2020 – 

Ph.D. candidate in Theoretical Physics. University of Innsbruck (Austria)
Project: Tensor Decompositions with Invariance, Positivity and Approximations

2016 – 2022

Bachelor and Master studies in Mathematics. University of Innsbruck (Austria)

2015 – 2020

Bachelor and Master studies in Theoretical Physics. University of Innsbruck (Austria)

Selected Publications

The d-Separation Criterion in Categorical Probability

T. Fritz, A. Klingler
Journal of Machine Learning Research 24 (46), 1-49 (2023)

Approximate Tensor Decompositions: Disappearance of Many Separations

G. De las Cuevas, A. Klingler, T. Netzer
Journal of Mathematical Physics 62, 093502 (2021) (Editor’s pick)

Many bounded versions of undecidable problems are NP-hard

A. Klingler, M. van der Eyden, S. Stengele, T. Reinhart, G. De las Cuevas
SciPost Physics 14, 173 (2023)